AMAGE Light - Systems on demand

The AMAGE Light solution is selected functional areas that are ideal for quick and simple implementation of a solution for a single contract, construction or temporary work. The advantage of this solution is quick access to functionality and attractive price.

MigrationEach of the selected AMAGE Lite solutions can be transformed into a dedicated Hosted / On Premises version at the client's request in the future.

1. Choose a solution

Service Issues

Reports and incidents handling

Inspection rounds

Monitoring of measurements and the state of resources


Equipment rental costs management


Control and management of people's work permit

2. Check how much it will cost you

Simple pricing

The fees for a single instance (separate information base) are added up.

System Instance

50/ month
System maintenance
100 MB Database
10 GB attachments


6/ month
Mobile version
Entering and editing data
Coordination of own work


15/ month
Full system access
Management and coordination
Configuration & Reports

3. Complete the form

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