Supervision over the implementation of cable works - Elsta, Dunbar

Scope of the project

Implementation of construction works in a waste incineration plant in Dunbar near Edinburgh Scotland England. Project implemented for Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A / S, Esbjerg, Viridor Enviroscot Limited, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The AMAGE system supports subcontractors of Elsta Sp. z o.o. and Elsta Ltd. (England)

The scope of implementation of the system's customers is supervision over the implementation of cable works, supervision over the laying of cable routes and support of the team in the supervision of employees and executive brigades.


cables in cables list

Challenges and issues

  • The project is dynamically changed during implementation
  • A large number of cable drums stored in multiple locations on a vast construction site
  • Works carried out under strict time regime
  • Ongoing reporting to the general contractor / investor on the progress of work
  • Supervision over own progress of work and quick detection of problems with the efficiency of brigades, potential technical problems


AMAGE Desktop
Application for central work management from the level of the engineering office
Mobile applications for efficient reporting of work progress using consumer solutions
Handheld devices for operation in difficult conditions and offline mode - reporting work in areas with harsh environmental conditions
Label printers / labels for cables / drums / routes - labels dedicated to this type of application with integration in the system


  • Registration of work progress using a mobile application on handheld terminals
  • Detailed reports on the progress of the cable works carried out
  • Reports for the client - the general contractor of the investment
  • Import of the cable list and subsequent revisions with recording and reporting of all changes
  • Drum management - planning their use
  • Storage of detailed information on all cable sections
  • Access to documentation via mobile devices
  • Generating unique 2D IDs and printing cable labels
  • Integration with production data (delivery of HV / LV network components coordinated with cable works)