Construction investment
support at it's every stage

We provide IT solutions supporting construction sites, manufacturing industries, investment maintenance, and control.


Dedicated solutions for construction. Mobile software and systems with particular emphasis on the specifics and requirements of persons directly managing the construction process. They facilitate work and cost control.


Systems for construction sites

  • Orders/Deliveries/Returns - full material flow
  • Warehouses/Identification - material distribution on site
  • Assembly/Control cards/Punch lists - supervision over assembly and execution of works
  • Controlling / Finance / Budgeting / Leases - financial settlements of construction works


Systems for factories/industrial plants

  • Maintenance - service support, inspection rounds, and control cards
  • Data acquisition and analysis - integration of DCS / ERP / Production systems
  • Production monitoring - monitoring of production parameters, limits, and events
  • Ecology /Environment - integrated and domain-specific permissions
  • Controlling / Finance / Budgets - financial settlements of operation

Advanced systems for industrial plants supporting maintenance teams, providing on-site documentation, and facilitating ongoing inspections and annual reviews.


Support of contracted production, verification of assembly completeness, automatically created structure, and project documentation. Inspections and control works with quality control.


Systems for manufacturing shop floors

  • Project / tasks - production and task management
  • Integration of project teams - project imports, orders, and deliveries
  • Warehouse / Identification - Material Distribution and use on the shop floor
  • Quality control - continuous quality control - incidents, inspections, control cards

Our Advantages

Our solutions were created in cooperation with practitioners from every field that we support. They meet their requirements for ease of use and provide practical operational knowledge.

We Organize

We support the correct organization of the project / construction / plant. We allow you to build a coherent knowledge base that serves all users from the first moment the system is started.

We Settle the Finances

We account in detail for ongoing work. We allow continuous and accurate control of the costs of rents, leases, and service works. Detailed reports allow you to settle up with your teams, subcontractors and suppliers.

We Supervise

We enable constant monitoring of the progress of construction and control works during annual reviews. We accelerate the detection of bottlenecks in ongoing projects and increase the transparency of ongoing work.

We Notify

Based on the information created in the system, we allow effective notification of all system participants in orer to speed up the work and increase the ease of automatic communication.

What You Get from Us


We save time related to data access and communication between teams. We control time and expenses on an ongoing basis.

Organization of Work

We organize in detail the work performed by the teams of employees, subcontractors, and suppliers. We reduce uncertainty and lack of clear division of duties.


We coordinate the flow of information throughout the entire cycle related to the order, delivery, assembly, verification, and maintenance of a given component.

Control over Finances

We precisely monitor costs that ocurred in all processes. We are able to break down global costs into real costs incurred in selected areas of your business, making it easier to detect places that need improvement.

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We make every effort to ensure that our support meets our motto "Resources under control" and every day we help our clients manage them their businesses more effectively.

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