Construction supervision - Elsta, Żerań

Scope of the project



Construction of the Żerań heat and power plant in Warsaw. Support in the field of electrical work for subcontractors in these areas.

Construction started in 2017. Carried out for PGNiG TERMIKA SA. The general contractors of the contract are the consortium of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe Gmbh, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe Ltd. and Polimex-Mostostal SA. The value of the entire contract is PLN 1.6 billion gross. Thanks to the investment, the production of electricity in the CHP plant will increase by approx. 80 percent.

Block parameters:

• gross electric power - 497 MWe

• maximum thermal power - 326 MWt

• production of electricity - 3000 GWh

• heat production - 1,900 GWh

• power in fuel - 900 MWt 

The support includes the use of the AMAGE system for the implementation of assembly works in the field of electrical engineering: cable routes, cabling. The system requires integration with the main systems of the general contractor, ie MHPS (E).

kilometers of cable length to be designed

Challenges and issues

  • Managing the cable list and efficient distribution of work for individual brigades
  • Re-import of data (resulting from design changes) with analysis of changes in relation to previous revisions
  • Intelligent management of design changes in the context of the work performed on the work fronts
  • Management of the warehouse base - cable drums and their occupation and useIntegration with the General Contractor's software to simplify communication and data transfer regarding the completed worksInternal (brigade performance, completed work, progress and forecasts) and external reporting (reporting to the general contractor, investor



AMAGE Desktop/Web
Application for central work management from the level of the engineering office
Handheld devices for operation in difficult conditions and offline mode - reporting work in areas with harsh environmental conditions
Mobile applications for efficient reporting of work progress using consumer solutions
Label printers / labels for cables / drums / routes - labels dedicated to this type of application with integration in the system


  • Registration of work progress using a mobile application on handheld terminals and using a mobile application for mobile phones / consumer tablets
  • Detailed reports on the progress of the cable works carried outReports for the client - the general contractor of the investment
  • Import of the cable list and subsequent revisions with recording and reporting of all changes
  • Drum management - planning their useStorage of detailed information on all cable sections


  • Possibility to report faults of individual cables - service reports management
  • Planning the work of own and subcontractors' installation teams - work orders
  • Generating unique 2D identifiers and printing cable labels
  • Integration with external systems to exchange information on the progress of work and task implementation



The AMAGE solution for the management of supervision over assembly works made it easier to control the actual progress of works. The use of 2D identification and mobile devices allowed for faster reporting of work, without involving management, shifting the burden of reporting to line employees. The ability to intelligently update the project on an ongoing basis during the implementation of the investment and personalize settings significantly eliminate errors and inaccuracies in reporting. The AMAGE system made our work easier and accelerated internal reporting and reporting to the general contractor.

Dariusz Szymański

Construction Engineer EC Żerań