Lease of formwork - Budimex, expressway S19

Scope of the project

Management and coordination of construction works related to the lease of formwork and scaffolding in the area of ​​the construction of the S19 expressway.

 Construction started in 2019. The scope includes the design and construction of the S19 expressway divided into three tasks: Nisko Południe - Podgórze approx. 11.5 km long, Podgórze - Kamień approx. 10.5 km long, Kamień - Sokołów Małopolski North approx. 7.9 km. There are several dozen bridge and auxiliary structures in the scope of implementation

During implementation, the AMAGE system supports the coordinator of the formwork area in the implementation of all works related to orders / deliveries / returns of formwork elements from delivery companies. Financial settlement of leases and coordination of the work of subcontractors carrying out selected scopes of work.

construction objects
deliveries and returns
nadzorowanych typów asortymentów

Challenges and issues

  • Management of formwork works
  • Full control over the costs of deliveries and returns
  • Detailed monthly financial settlement for suppliers and subcontractors
  • Detailed state of construction with a breakdown into construction elements and objects
  • Information control who has the formwork elements and when they should be settled
  • Control over the budget, implementation and progress of work
  • Analytics, including information on exceeding potentials and business information


The system version configured for the settlement of formwork areas with an access interface for construction coordinators, subcontractors and suppliers
System interface for mobile devices


  • Complete order handling
  • Full integration of electronic EDI information flow between suppliers and the system
  • Supplier portal with the possibility of defining the delivery of order confirmation and complaint handling
  • Execution of deliveries with checking the delivery directly on the construction site
  • Detailed information about stock levels and the entire circulation of stock information
  • Automation of notifications for both the formwork coordinator and subcontractors
  • Detailed billing reports at the level of structural elements of the facilities and the entire contract
  • Analytical dashboard with visualization of the progress of financial data and tasks performed