Monitoring of energy supply
Thermal Waste Conversion Plant, Cracow

Scope of the project

The Thermal Waste Transformation Plant in Cracow (Eco-incineration plant) was built as a response to Cracow's ecological needs. The plant is located in the south-eastern part of the city of Cracow, in Nowa Huta, at Jerzego Giedroycia Street 23. The plant can process 220 thousand. tons of municipal waste.

The task of the AMAGE system is to monitor the generation, supply and analysis of energy consumption in the plant. An important aspect is the monitoring of energy supplies to the power grids, including information on prices from energy markets. 

energy meters inside the building
years of data aggregation
electricity markets
GW +
monitored energy annually

Challenges and issues

  • monitoring of energy consumption inside the plantpreview of energy quality measurements and power parameters at many points of the plant
  • detection of exceedances in consumption and situations requiring analysismonitoring of thermal energy supplied to the transmission network
  • monitoring of energy collected and supplied to the transmission network
  • reporting to superior units (g10.m / g10)


Data visualization and aggregation system. It allows access to the system from mobile devices and web browsers. Full possibility of data visualization and analysis.
AMAGE Aggregator
Aggregators of physical data from devices and external systems


We have been cooperating with AMAGE Systems for a long time. As part of the cooperation, electrical devices have been marked with RFID tags and QR codes. This is for the management and operation of maintenance work. We also supervise the service of electrical devices. The AMAGE system has become a "helping hand" for our plant.

Rafał Kostek

Electrical Manager