Shaft transport management, Wieliczka Salt Mine

Scope of the project

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is a priceless monument of material culture in the world, entered in 1978 on the First UNESCO Heritage List. Every day, thousands of tourists have the opportunity to visit this place. Nevertheless, in addition to tourist values, it is still a mining plant subject to mining law and with employees who perform maintenance, modernization and construction works throughout the mine area. What is worth emphasizing, only 2% of the mine's area is open to visitors. The mine decided to use the AMAGE system modules to control and manage the vertical transport process in the mine's technical shafts.


  • Vertical transport for internal departments as well as for subcontracting companies (carrying out construction and renovation works)
  • More than 200 transport vehicles
  • More than 50 shipments per day
  • Transporting carts, pipes, wood, equipment and other specialized transports
vehicles per day
transport changes
transport orders

Challanges and issues

  • Data management and import from clients (internal and external)
  • Handling of contracts, contracts and transport plans in these contracts
  • Schedules of transport plans to plan new worksImport of current orders for transport executionImplementation of transport and reporting on an ongoing basis of transported units
  • Reporting of additional works and coordination with scheduled transportsTime reports, assortment
  • Contract performance comparisons.



AMAGE Desktop
The main application for managing schedules, visualization and reporting.
An application dedicated to mobile devices with full support for the functions of the horizontal transport system.


  • Data import system from ordering parties
  • Structures of contracts / agreements with transport plans as part of the work carried out
  • Mechanism of contract schedule, work orders and work plans
  • Import of current transport orders
  • Support for reporting work via mobile devices
  • Possibility of dividing transports, determining the execution, adding overtime transports
  • Reports and visualizations of the work carried out
  • Comparison and coordination of realized contracts with determining the actual performance of transports in relation to plans


We have been using the AMAGE system for several years. In 2017, for the first time, we decided to use this solution to manage the vertical transport process of the Wieliczka Mine. We did not expect the implementation of the system to be so effective.

Krzysztof Rozwadowski

Deputy Head of the Energomechanical Department