IT systems for the construction industry. General solution description.


IT systems for construction. General description of solutions.

The AMAGE system has an extensive support area for the construction industry. We enable the implementation of operational construction management directly from the construction site and provide a range of relevant information for the construction office and coordinators of the various areas. Visually, the functions available for the construction area are shown in the figure below.

The system concentrates on three main areas – ensuring the availability of materials, distribution of materials/machinery on-site, overseeing the installation of components on-site, and detailed progress reporting.

  • Area of Materials – ensures the availability of materials on site. That means a set of functions responsible for executing the process of orders, verification of deliveries, return statements (for leased components), loading, and their return verification. The system is able to compare the orders in progress with the material plan for the entire contract and execute the procurement process accordingly. Available Supplier Portals and EDI electronic exchange of documents speed up information transfer and save time for all participants. The financial settlement mechanism facilitates the declaration of partial payments for leases, stock settlements, and operations related to the finance area. Detailed tracking of deliveries (vehicles, transport status) allows for generating information on transport execution and, in particular, generation of concrete logs.
  • Area of Distribution – this area allows the implementation of material distribution directly on the construction site. Pre-booking for materials, distribution from multiple warehouses, and handling of releases and returns, including a comparison with information about teams’ work on the construction site, allow for quick assessment of material quantities and consumption. Additional management of leased items (formwork, small equipment) makes it easier to control costly materials directly on-site. Marking with unique codes during the issuance of materials allows for the implementation of detailed supervision of realized assemblies.
  • Area of Assembly – after providing the materials on-site, the system facilitates creating detailed work reports. With the help of contracted works and supervision templates linked to material sets (electrical work, piping work, assembly work, etc.), we enable detailed verification of the current progress of work. Additional inspections and control works modules allow you to perform inspection/verification activities for all components assembled on-site with automatic generation of final protocols. Punch lists and fault management are additional features supporting the execution of these activities.

All system functions for construction areas are available collectively on the Construction Solutions page.