IT Systems for the Production – General Description of the Solutions


IT Systems for the Production – General Description of the Solutions

AMAGE – The AMAGE System, with the help of its modules, makes it possible to implement a system for supervising the execution of contract manufacturing in enterprises with this type of work. Additionally, through appropriate configuration, the system allows the implementation of production supervision functions for other production industries. The offered solutions are shown in the figure below.

Offered functions are divided into data, production and actual execution of production activities, and analytics related to contract supervision work. All those functions can fully support production teams up to the execution of activities related to the production and assembly of custom-designed equipment/machinery/components.

  • Data Area – is responsible for providing operational data for the other areas. This data comes from project systems, customer documentation, or in-house ERP/F-K IT systems and is imported or automatically integrated by the system. They form the base of information necessary for the next steps in the system. Through EDI-type integrations and Customer Portals, we also make it possible to participate in the supervision of the execution of our contracts directly by the customers. This area also supports technologists and production preparation to develop the structure of equipment and a set of tasks for production halls. Intelligent data importing allows for the import of subsequent project revisions and facilitates the management of this data.
  • Production area – the production area includes all activities necessary to support product manufacturing and supervision of quality control and documentation. With the help of service events, work orders, inspection plans, and inspection activities, the system supports employees in the execution and reporting of completed work. All this data is applied directly to the project data structure reporting in detail the progress of work and automatically building product documentation.
  • The Area of Data Analytics – supports the analysis of data and the progress of the construction and the execution of individual contracts. All activities make it easier to control the actual progress of work and find problem areas. The modules also enable the generation of controlling and billing information, along with the necessary information for the FAT inspection/review function, immediately before the equipment is handed over to the customer.

For more on solutions for the manufacturing industry, see the page describing the functions of the Contract Manufacturing Solution and the summary page of all system functions/modules: AMAGE System Function Description.