Supervision over process production,
Thermal Waste Conversion Plant, Cracow

Scope of the project

The Thermal Waste Transformation Plant in Cracow (Eco-incineration plant) was built as a response to Cracow's ecological needs. The plant is located in the south-eastern part of the city of Cracow, in Nowa Huta, at Jerzego Giedroycia Street 23. The plant can process 220 thousand. tons of municipal waste.

The AMAGE system in the field of production data supports the management of supervision over production data related to operation, materials delivered to the plant and post-process waste. The system is designed to support the management board and management in making optimal decisions related to the operation of the plant on the basis of real data. The system is to facilitate and remind employees of data reporting along with the greatest possible integration with other IT systems.

monitored design parameters

Challenges and issues

  • Reporting of production data from many IT systems and obtained manually
  • Data integration from DCS, weighing, financial and accounting, emission monitoring systems
  • Determining the production parameters required for monitoring
  • Specifying production limits and restrictions for each parameter separately with a wide possibility of defining the limit (daily, monthly, annual, event)
  • Determining the responsibility of people for reporting data together with reminding to perform actions
  • Tools for the coordinator of this area that allow for data analysis, blocking historical data and full access to history and events
  • Visualization of production data in the form of defined charts, dashboards, panels and analytics
  • Imposing data on production plans on production data with the possibility of monitoring the execution of plans against the current production
  • Possibility of advanced definition of calculation rules for production parameters and parameters of the production plan, enabling the data to be linked together


Data visualization and aggregation system. It allows access to the system from mobile devices and web browsers. Full possibility of data visualization and analysis.
An application for mobile devices that provides an interface for the system
AMAGE Aggregator
Aggregators of physical data from devices and external systems


The AMAGE system ensures comfort in running our plant. It guarantees transparency in production planning and monitoring. After years of working with the system, we can see how many opportunities it gives us. All these activities translate into work efficiency, and also allow you to save time, employees know what and when to do.

Wojciech Wróbel

Deputy Director