Production of electric power equipment Elsta, Wieliczka

Scope of the project

Elsta Sp. z o. o. designs, manufactures, supplies and maintains power equipment for the power industry, mining, metallurgy, industrial plants and environmental protection facilities. Service contracts signed by the company cover both the devices produced by the company and delivered from other manufacturers. In order to improve the quality of services provided and build a competitive advantage, the company decided to implement the AMAGE system. From April 2016, all devices delivered to customers are marked with 2D codes and saved together with digital technical documentation in the AMAGE database. This database is supplemented in the service center with the remaining serviced devices and made available to interested customers. This solution aims to support Elsta in managing its own products and to make a qualitative leap in the organization of service work and communication with customers. An important issue was to improve cooperation with clients in the planning and execution of comprehensive annual inspections.



  • Production and inventory of over 10,000 switchboards, boxes, electrical components
  • Over 500,000 elements of internal structures
  • Over 15,000 pages of indexed project documentation870+ clients
  • Over 5,000 inspections and detailed check sheets


electrical apparatus

Challanges and issues

  • Standardization of project documentation for the effective use of the intelligent documentation module
  • Establishing and implementing labeling rules for manufactured and completed devices
  • Implementation of new procedures in the processes of designing and manufacturing electrical devices and completing deliveries
  • Comprehensive annual inspections carried out in the period of planned technological downtime
  • Effective planning and implementation of inspections with the use of our own and external service teams
  • Necessity to modify service processes and launch new channels of communication with customers


AMAGE Desktop
System management application. It enables the organization of structures and management of the operational area of ​​the system.
A mobile application that enables offline access to data, service work and round trips. Provides device data, quick identification using 2D codes or RFID tags.
Portal klienta
Providing some of the information generated by the system to the client. Form of access through a browser and mobile devices. Providing information about products in the system, work carried out on service requests. Enabling clients to actively participate in all processes.


  • Creating intelligent technical and quality documentation
  • Automation of the preparation of reports on the performed service worksImport of products and their structures from the design documentation
  • Use of the map module for easy service location of devices
  • Managing the dates of employee permissions and device calibration
  • Service scheduling, automatic notification of deadlines
  • Conducting service works using mobile applications
  • Management of the inspection plan in accordance with the terms of the contracts
  • Use of the customer portal for communication and customer service


The ability to distinguish yourself from the competition is the basis for building an advantage in business. Thanks to the use of the AMAGE System, we provide our clients with added value in the form of on-line access to full digital information about the devices delivered to them. At the same time, we are building a unique database for our own needs and we have managed to organize the entire process of design, production and completion of deliveries. All this translates into measurable economic effects.

Jacek Stankiewicz

President Elsta Sp. z o.o.