Meet the System – Integrated Permit and Field Permits

Industrial Plants Area

Monitoring Parameters of the Integrated Permit and Field Permits


The solution allows for integrated support of individuals/teams responsible for reliable monitoring and data analysis of Integrated Permit parameters. Industrial plants that operate in areas requiring external control due to potentially hazardous by-products generated in the process must apply to external entities for an operating permit. The resulting Integrated Permit is a set of operating guidelines for the plant, allowing for safe operation.

In the case of a thermal waste conversion plant, it applies to the parameters of the burned waste, its quantity, category, chemical reagents used for the process, environmental parameters concerning the generated gases, and other parameters. The solution implemented on our platform allows the definition of all these parameters in the areas of Central Register of Operators (CRO), Contracts and their parameters, required Periodic Analyses, Administrative Decisions, Reporting to external entities, and production parameters covered by limits.

Each of these areas allows the definition of rules, documents, and obligations under the Integrated Permit. The coordinator defines the rules against which the system supervises each area. If limits are exceeded, it generates warnings or reminds the user to perform selected activities related to reporting, contracts, etc.

Advantages for the Area Coordinator

  • Full control over the parameters of the Integrated Permit.
  • All information in one place with complete, up-to-date information every day.
  • Advance notifications about the need to perform activities related to ensuring the conditions of the Integrated Permit.
  • Archives of all information and activities performed in each area, documentation, measurements, and events.

Value of Investment and Savings

  • The costs of the time required for manual collection of information and processing it reliably.
  • The costs of not meeting reporting deadlines to external entities.
  • The costs of handling exceedances of the Integrated Permit, in the case of environmental parameters requiring necessary notifications.
  • The costs of handling the timeliness of contracts and other areas of the Integrated Permit result in exceeding the limits contained in the documents or taking corrective action too late.


  • Environmental area coordinator – uses the system to create Integrated Permit rules, monitors all parameters and reporting areas, and receives notifications and up-to-date information on parameter changes.
  • Senior management – receives insight into the Integrated Permit parameters implementation with the possibility of receiving notifications.
  • Users – can use general areas, such as contracts to monitor them in different areas.


  • AMAGE Web application