Meet the System – Warehouse Distribution On-Site

Construction Area

Warehouse Distribution On-Site – Supervision of Material Turnover from Delivery to Consumption at the Job Site


The solution allows the management of warehouse turnover at a construction site. It is common in ERP systems that warehouse systems are not fully able to map all the activities carried out at the construction site and are geared towards formal accounting turnover. Our solution focuses on the operational part of the construction site and provides a solution to manage the stock on-site on an ongoing basis. The area coordinator can define any number of local warehouses and storage locations.

The stock can be entered by using a standard external receipt/release document. It can also be linked to modules responsible for the order/supply process and their verification – after delivery is verified, its stock automatically enters the destination warehouses. All operations receipts, releases, and transfers are available within the warehouse.

The system generates information about the current inventory and the history of warehouse circulation. Mobile solutions support the work on-site. Using applications for phones, we can perform basic warehouse operations. A dedicated application for rugged industrial devices allows offline operation and execution of warehouse tasks without network access (e.g., local warehouses during shaft/metro work) with synchronization after all work is done remotely and then integration with central warehouses.

The system allows tracking information regarding assortment, people issuing/collecting, but also the destination of material consumption. The system supports the identification of materials by codes and identifiers. As an option, it is possible to integrate our system with ERP/FK applications, which have warehouse modules, download information on stock levels, and provide information on the implementation of warehouse circulation. This solution can be integrated with “Inspection and periodic work” and “Supervision of assemblies” as one of the stages of performance supervision. That means that the system, during the release of the materials, allows you to mark them with unique codes and then allow reporting on the progress of assembly work and the implementation of inspection work resulting from the construction process.

Advantages for the Coordinator

  • Current inventory on-site. Any number of warehouses and storage locations.
  • Information on warehouse history and warehouse circulation information.
  • Information on material consumption locations, potential shortages, and storage limits.
  •  Support in the operational management of quantity and inventory with mobile device support.

Advantages for the Warehouseman

  • Mobile devices with current inventory release operations with the possibility of using identification codes of assortment, users, and areas of material consumption.
  •  Operation of devices in offline mode. Ability to perform warehouse operations without network access. Synchronization after returning to the site office/access to the ICT network.

Value of the Investments and Savings

  • The costs of managing warehouse information outside of formal warehouses in F-K/ERP systems – with excel.
  • The costs of not detecting warehouse shortages or changes in stock levels without appropriate replenishment of items – need for redundant local stock or waiting time for delivery of missing materials
  • The costs of managing data synchronization between the central ERP system (warehouse) and site information.


  • Area coordinator – defines the structure of warehouses, imports historical data, defines deliveries/external dispatches, defines authorizations, supervises stock levels, and generates reports and analyses for the warehousemen.
  • Warehouseman – carries out the process of internal material receipt/release and uses mobile devices to record the states and operations.


  • AMAGE Web Applications
  • AMAGE Shell Mobile
  • AMAGE Fx Application (offline)
  • Rugged mobile devices (for Fx App/Offline)